Transforming the
Global Container Shipping Industry 

The Global Shared Container Platform

The Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) is a transformative, innovative and open platform concept that enables global Container Carriers, Terminal Operators and Landside Operators to achieve significant costs savings in areas where they individually have exhausted all efforts to achieve any further cost savings and efficiencies.

“The GSCP platform will enable a savings potential for the global container industry of at least USD 2.8bn per year.”

“The GSCP platform is expected to reduce the global CO2 emission by at least 4.6 million tons yearly.”

Industry Pain Points

  • Inefficient processes related to the management of containers

  • Outdated IT-systems and processes

  • 40% of all the containers on the road are empty

  • Container-related fraud and scams

  • Information silos throughout the whole supply chain

  • No real-time visibility of container location

  • Containers are utilized only around 43% of its annual container days


  • Improved management and utilization of existing containers by 15-20%

  • Provide indisputable proof-of-ownership

  • Global savings potential of USD 2.8 Bn per year

  • Make processes like buying, selling and leasing of container much easier

  • Reduce empty container repositioning

  • Reduce container inventory

  • Improved visibility and collaboration

  • Introduction of new revenue streams

  • Positive environmental footprint – global potential of 4.6M tons CO2-reduction per year

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