At Blockshipping we are developing the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP). The Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) is a transformative, innovative and open platform concept that enables global Container Carriers, Terminal Operators and Landside Operators to achieve significant costs savings in areas where they individually have exhausted all efforts to achieve any further cost savings and efficiencies.

Below is a brief overview of our short-term business scope and products. Some the products are already in active development.


Import Dwell Time Prediction

Blockshipping is applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to better predict the import dwell time of a container.

  • Predicts how long an import container will remain at the terminal
  • Predicts where and when the import container will be returned empty by the consignee
  • Predicts pick-up by different modalities such as truck, rail and barge
  • Reduces amount of unnecessary yard shifting’s
  • Reduces empty container buffer stocks and empty container days for carriers
  • Improves forecasting of empty container imbalances
  • Breaks down current information silos between the industry players

Blockchain Container Register

Blockshipping is developing the first blockchain-based container register in the world.

  • The Blockchain Container Register records who owns and operates the container in a safe and traceable manner
  • In addition to the classical registration, the register is also able to convert the physical containers into tokens.
  • Tokenization of physical containers on the blockchain provides undisputable proof-of-ownership.
  • This makes it possible to record changes and transfer in possession of a container in a safe, transparent and comprehensible manner


Until the whole shipping industry moves to real-time tracking of all containers by tracking devices, there will be an acute need to timely report activities via APIs, Web Services and EDIs. That’s why Blockshipping is building an own cloud-based iPaaS Platform.

  • The GSCP iPaaS brings high-performance EDI messaging and data brokering to the shipping industry.
  • Handles large messaging volumes and maps between different EDI formats
  • Enables close to real-time event updates
  • Significantly shortens EDI implementation and API integration

Container Sharing

The GSCP enables efficient sharing of empty containers by utilizing an innovative combination of both the greybox and street-turn/triangulation method.

  • Matches the container demand of carriers in specific locations by sharing containers between carriers
  • Enables real-time triangulation where empty import containers are matched with empty export container needs
  • The container sharing is fully configurable so that each user decides what, where, when and with whom he wants to share containers with
  • Reduces unnecessary high amount of empty container repositioning

Global Container Control System

The Global Container Control System is a state-of-the-art Equipment Management System that enables the users manage their containers and equipment is a more efficient and advanced manner.

  • Provides a unique opportunity to replace many of the old legacy container control systems
  • Enables more efficient and advanced management of containers
  • Provides tools for analyzing and improving the equipment efficiency and utilization
  • Includes a container condition and value index service that objectively calculates the value of each containers


GSCP Ecosystem

The GSCP is build as an open, neutral and independent platform that will establish a digital baseline that aims to connect various stakeholders, including carriers, terminal operators, shippers and logistics service providers to enable collaborative innovation and digital transformation in the shipping industry.

  • Facilitates industry-wide collaboration and the development and establishment of standards
  • Enables the integration of additional services
  • Integrates and leverages on leading edge technologies like AI, MLE and IoT